Saturday, November 5, 2011

Testing blog by phone
Do you ever wake up with a song in your head and it sits in there for the rest of the day until the sound of it festers inside a pocket of your brain and you want to cut it out of your head with a dull and rusty butter knife? Well, that happens to me all the time. I am going to list the random "morning songs" on here and see what you think. 

Some of the songs that pop in are alright and I am fine with them when they disappear. However, some songs just linger. You don't know how they came about in the dark hours of your slumber and you don't know why they won't go away. It is obnoxious. 

Yesterday's song was MMM MMM MMM by the Crash Test Dummies. Remember that song: The "MMM MMM MMM MMM" Song Not a bad song until it sits there in your head looping over and over when all you want to do is fall back asleep. then you remember that someone uses the word LURCH in a song and you giggle a little bit. Then it is right back to not sleeping again. SERIOUSLY? All I could do is wonder how a person can become a crash test dummie because maybe then it will bash the song out of my head upon impact!! It is no wonder why they are pretty much a one hit wonder. No wonder at all...

there was this song that...
drove me to the point of...
wanting to carve it out of my head...
with a butter knife...
be bleeding out of my ear. 
I couldn't quite explain it, 
I only wanted si...lence...


Thursday, November 3, 2011


My name is Karla. I am a single mother of two freakishly awesome kids. I reside in Savage Minnesota in a house that I rent with my boyfriend Chris.

My intentions for this blog is to use it for journalling purposes. I would like my kids to someday read this or to start commenting, etc. My son is old enough to have his own Facebook and email now that he is 13 so hopefully I can get some interaction.

This blog is clean. I promise there won't be any swearing or references to sex or violence other than maybe a note that I'd like to stick a shoe in some one's ass once in awhile. Great...I guess I just blew my promise for all three on that last statement. My apologies in advance since I am not known for keeping my promises.

I don't intend for this to be a gossip column and I won't be mentioning any one's name other than the ones I already have. THAT you can take to the bank. You can't deposit it and the teller might think you are trying to rob her but you can still take it to the bank if you want. See you at 5:00PM on channel 11.

If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to leave them as long as they are somewhat intellegent. Screw it...leave me the comments anyway. There, I misspelled the word intelligent to make you feel at home.